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A few years ago, Dance magazine printed an article regarding Miss Emilietta Ettlin's revolutionary Floor Technique. Now it is time to return to the figure who has received much praise for her new-age teaching methods. Her Floor Technique, which she uniquely established to make up for years of lost training, uses the resistance of the floor to develop the correct muscles, more thoroughly than a traditional ballet class. She translates every floor exercise into the actual ballet position it is when standing.

Private lessons with Miss Ettlin are even more extraordinary. Just as in her floor technique, she teaches technique based on the laws of physics. You wonder, "Why didn't I think of that myself?" To quote my mentor, "Ballet is 98% in the mind." She truly teaches one how to think of ballet, and imagine it in the body.

In a city where technique is sometimes lost in glitter and high kicks, Ms. Ettlin stays true to the body, and the traditions of ballet technique. Her students professional careers speak for themselves. She is quite the avant guard teacher, and a great one at that. She deserves more credit than many give her. Dancers young and old, beginner or well-seasoned, can flourish under her care.

When you meet this lady, you will immediately fall in love with her thoughts on ballet, and her humor and wit.

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