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Mazurka step and timing


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:shrug: So I may have encountered mazurka back years ago but it felt brand new when the teacher threw it in at the end of class. The instruction mainly was step small attitude hop brush hop; I fudged through it but was trying to sort out the actual sequence and timing today but I can't seem to find a breakdown in the books I have.


From what I gather, there's the step forward, temps leve with knee bent, brush/cloche through, temps leve - where I'm getting really tripped up is the timing of each part. Is the second temps leve after the cloche is finished and leg is devant and straight already or does it happen while it's brushing through? Is the accent on the brush or the hop or is it the same? The more I think about it, the more confused I get. Maybe I'm missing an additional hop? :blink::rolleyes: And for my clarification, mazurka accent is on the second count, one TWO three? I watched some videos but it didn't help much other than encouraging some wild mazurka-ing around the apartment trying to sort it out with little success. :(

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I believe your original description is correct


step forward, temps leve with knee bent, brush/cloche through, temps leve


Just did it my kitchen too :wacko: I do it when my leg it straight and devant. And yeah, I think the main accent is on the second count, during the brush, count two. I think you got it, but are just maybe over-thinking :)

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Agreed. I didn't let it soak in the brain for a few days before asking, silly me. I had the mazurka from Coppelia in my head for a couple days and when I tried again, it made a lot more sense. I think I get the rhythm now. :)

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