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Becoming a professional Dancer.


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I Really want to become a professional Ballet dancer when i'm older, and i'm just wondering what i have to do?

At the moment i'm 14, i have danced since i was 5 then quit when i was 10 then started again on april this year... i forgot how much i love dance and i want to take it further.

I take 2 lessons at one school ( Grade 4 And Inter ) and then 1 at another ( Grade 4 .) All are an hour long, so 3 hours a week. I'm going en Pointe in September. Also, i don't really live anywhere with great chances and stuff...What can i do???




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I see this is your first post Hattie. Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the various forums and all that BT4D has to offer our membership.


First you must discuss your desires with your parents or an adult who will be able to guide you financially as well as help you with the logisitcs of studying ballet such as transportation to and from classes. You need to study more hours a week. 3 hours a week is not enough at your age if you aspire to dance professionally. You are still young. With a lot of dedication, the necessary physical attributes, the support from your family, an adequate ballet schedule combined with good teaching, you may have a chance.


Take one step at a time. Understand that wanting it is a big thing. However concentrate on getting an education so you are able to better understand what it actually means to pursue a career in ballet. It is a wonderful journey, but a tough one! :(

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Thankyou :(


Do I need to go to a special school? I'm just going to two normal schools that don't specalize in ballet.

Also, how many hours a week should I be studying?

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It would be helpful to find a school that offers professional level training. Definitely you need one that specializes in ballet. It is helpful to have other dance forms eventually, but for now spend your time and money on ballet. You need to discuss with your teacher a schedule that could be worked up to at least 4 days a week of 1 1/2 hrs of ballet, each class and since you are new to pointe 2-3, 1/2 hr pointe classes. Next year daily class, 6 days a week with at least 3 1 hr. pointe classes is advisable.


This year might be too soon for moving anywhere to study ballet, but you need to start looking into summer programs offered by professional ballet schools so you are able to compare your school with others as well as yourself with others of your age group.

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