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Plirae, it is a bone structure thing. Some people have straight legs, some have a curve in the leg bones that cause the knees to go that way. Some have knees that go back a long way, and that is called hyperextension. Others have knees that will not straighten all the way, which is hypoextension. So, what is normal? :nixweiss:


In terms of ballet, as long as your legs rotate from the hips, and you learn how to use your rotation well, and you can learn to make the classical line that is necessary, that is what matters. How good a line one can achieve depends on many things, so the bone structure of the leg is only a part of it. A lot will depend on the degree of curve, how much rotation you have from the hips, the flexibility in the hips and the feet, etc., etc.

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Jean-Georges Noverre (The Father of Us All in ballet) wrote in 1760 that he had been teaching all his long life and had words for bow-legged (arqué) and knock-kneed (jarreté), but had encountered perfectly straight legs so seldom that he had no name for it. So, again, what's normal? It encompasses a broad range.

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Thank you Ms Leigh and Mr Johnson. (:

Also, does pilates help in my turnout?

I have been going one to one pilates regularly for 2 months now and ballet 5 days a week, but other than having stronger core muscles, my turnout doesn't seem to be improving. Maybe I should have been more specific.


I have checked out several posts on arque legs and realised that I do twist my shoes a lot which gives it a sickling shape even though I'm not. I have flat and inflexible feet so it's really difficult for me to wing without compromising pointing. Is there any other way to make the shape appear better? without even standing or pointing, the shoes still look very very weird. (the outer side has 'more cloth' than the inner side) Thank you!

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