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Vanessa Sah

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Does anyone know the exact age that she began ballet?, and how many years/hours per week that it took her to get into a company?, thanks!.

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There is a profile on her put up by Anaheim Ballet, which will answer your questions:


Keep in mind Anaheim Ballet is a very small company, a "local" company, and that they only put up a few performances locally. As far as I know they don't pay their dancers, their dancers still pay to take curriculum classes, and they don't provide them with money for shoes, equipment, or anything like that. They're also free to dance wherever else they choose- I don't believe they have a contract. Therefore, she's not really a in a professional ballet company, as is noted by the fact that past Anaheim Ballet members are listed as "alumni" and that they move on to *real* companies.


I've taken classes with her and she is a sweetheart and a good dancer, but don't let what she says in the video make you think that you can start dancing seriously at 19 and end up in a company 2-3 years later. Not only am I certain she glosses over the whole story quite a bit, but keep in mind Anaheim Ballet is more like a school where the upper level dancers form a "company". I was in such a company and am by no means a professional dancer, nor would I be good enough to be in one.


As for classes...she states she started in college so the class can't have been very challenging. I believe she's been with Anaheim Ballet for a few years, and their schedule is not that of a typical pre-pro school. They offer technique for the highest level only 4 times per week (1 hour and 30 minutes) and pointe twice per week. Those dancers usually supplement their classes with the 1-hour long mixed level (not very difficult) adult imtermediate class which is twice a week, and then they also have rehearsals for the company.


In short, you don't wake up at 19, decide to casually try a beginner ballet class in college, then take 4 lessons per week for a year and then wind up in a professional company. The stuff Anaheim Ballet puts up is very "uplifting" (it's just advertisements for their own studio at the end of the day...) but they don't really set out real expectations for people from those podcasts. It's just a great marketing strategy.

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Who? :nixweiss:


Sorry, I meant Vanessa Sah.


That's what you said in the title. But no one is going to know who she is because she's not a professional dancer. I only know about her because I'm originally from OC and have taken at AB.


I gave you all the information you're going to know without asking her directly so I hope you read it.

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