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Professional ballet near Killeen


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I'm trying to help out one of my former students who is now living in Killeen, Texas and wants to introduce her children to ballet performances.. Preferably a story ballet to start. I know Ballet Austin is about an hour away, but was not sure if there were other places as well not too far away for either professional performances or strong pre-pro performances that someone could share?

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The Dallas/Ft. Worth area is north of Killeen - just up I35 from Waco. It's a little further than Austin but a fairly quick drive - at least as I recall from living out there several years ago. She could do a quick weekend in Dallas or actually go up just for the day if she wants to do a matinee. The performance site they use in Dallas is down at the state fairgrounds, which is in the south part of Dallas. That's if she wants to go to a TBT performance. Their repertoire this year includes Cinderella (which my younger sons actually like), Don Quixote, and Nutcracker. (I will say, however, that when I first took my DS at 10, even though we had the best seats available it was difficult for him to see.) I checked their website and didn't see any type of tour they were doing, but she could always call and see if they do any outreach programs away from the metroplex.


In addition, there are an incredible number of pre-pro groups that use the auditorium at SMU and the visibility would be much better. I know for a fact they get Nutcracker - not sure about other full length story book ballets. I would think - though can't say for certain - that the same might be true down at UT Austin's campus. So if you know any programs in north Austin she could check with them as well.

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New performance site for TBT in Dallas at the Winspear in Downtown Dallas

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