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For those of you sending kids off to college dance programs and those who have kids already in college programs, I was just wondering what the schedules look like. It's really just curiousity on my part because it is so foriegn to my science background. DD is a modern major at PPU and has:

ballet from 8-9:30 mon-fri

Dunham T & Th 9:40-11:10 (computer something on M & W)

Jazz Tues- Fri from 1:30 - 3

Modern Tues- Fri 3:15- 4:45


She also has English in there on M & W. Ballet majors have point 3 or 4 days rather than Dunham.

She has production on some days and Sat rehearsals/production as needed.

Since this is all so foriegn to me, I was just wonderinf what other college dance schedules looked like. In total DD has 12 credits of dance and 6 academic credits. (She is bringing in 12 academic credits so will be able to skip math and some electives).


I was also wondering how other schools did class placements.

Were they assigned on the schedule, or do they have placement classes when they arrive?

DD has ballet and jazz placement classes the first few days (oddly not modern).

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I have my degree in dance, and this schedule looks very good to me. I think I usually had 18-20 credit hours per semester.


Both universities that I attended did placement classes once the students were in the program during the first week of classes.

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My daughter is currently a high school senior, investigating her options for college next year. From what we have looked at, your daughter’s schedule seems pretty typical for a conservatory program. A student working toward a dance major at a liberal arts college would probably have a schedule with more academics.


I can’t speak to how placement is done. We are trying to remember to ask that type of question when we make our college visits…


I hope your daughter has a wonderful freshman year.

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IU doesn’t have “levels” so there aren't placement classes. You stay with your own class (ie: freshman, sophs, etc.). My schedule for this fall is still a little up in the air but my junior spring semester looked like this:

M W F 9:05-9:55AM Physics II Lecture

M W F 10:10-11:00AM Biochemistry Lecture

Thurs 10:10-11:00AM Physics II Discussion

Mon-Fri 11:30-1:00PM Ballet Technique

Mon-Fri 1:30-5:45PM Pointe/ Rehearsals

Tues 1:30-2:20PM Biochemistry Discussion (wasn’t mandatory)

M 6:50-9ish? Physics II Lab


I had 8 credits of academic and 10 of ballet stuff which is pretty much the norm for most ballet majors.


Weekend rehearsals are not normally scheduled unless a ballet is being set and the person staging it only has a short amount of time on campus.

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Calamitous- My DD is at U of A. Her schedule is very similar, 12 credits of dance, 6 academic credits. Her focus is ballet. She was placed from her audition. Which based on her first few days seems pretty accurate. They said during orientation that they are happy to review placement.


Ballet MWF 9-10:20 Pointe 10:20-11:00

Ballet T & Th 10-12

Pilates T & Th 9-10

Jazz MWF 11-12:30

Modern T & Th 12-2

Dance Improve T, Th 3:30-4:30


She will eventually have rehearsals in the evenings, which are also for credit.

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