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Haven't got my schedule yet...


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Monday I should start in new school (or the one I had been in spring) and I gave them my e-mail to send me their schedule. I have not gotten anything yet and I am not sure if they are just late or if they forgot me (I gave them my adress half a month later than everyone else during a rather stressful performance-period for everyone).


Would you write them now? I do not want to be the annoying student right from the beginning but it would be stupid too if the sent it already to everyone and forgot me. I could contact a teacher or other students to ask if they got it or not.


I have no idea if it is normal that schedules are sent out the last minute (it is a pre-pro-school).

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It must be normal because I'm in the same situation, kind of. I know when the class is- but registration is by mail (they are closed for a month in the summer) and there is no sort of confirmation they have received it, so I don't know if I'm actually registered! I emailed to ask them to confirm but- nothing...


I think it would be okay for you to email or leave an answering machine message to double check again.

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Communicate your concerns. Letter, email and telephone!

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Good for you! I haven't gotten anything yet...I wrote them but if I do not get an answer by tomorrow I will contact the teacher. I just hope that they did not decide to start one week later.... :shrug:

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*sigh* still nothing. My e-mails come back with a failure-notice and no one replies to my other messages...non one picks the phone. I guess everyone is still on holiday.

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do they by any chance have a website that the schedule might be posted on? I would be frustrated if school was about to start in a few days but I wasn't able to see the schedule. here's hoping you get a response from them soon!

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oh, that can be very frustrating, to not know what to expect!


well, if it is a big enough school, they probably will start when they said they would, and just they just assume everyone will be there.

They may tell you the schedule on the first day.

That is not uncommon, in my experience. :dry:

It will probably be just fine. :lol:



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The whole weekend my e-mails were sent back and under the number I had (and posted on their website) there was no conncetion but this morning the lady from the office picked the phone and she told me that she did not know when they would start and she would contact me as soon as she would know more. The school is open this week for everyone who wants to work a little bit on their own...sigh, it's the lifestyle of the country I am now...it's standart here that such things happen and for me it is really hard to deal with, coming from a pretty well organized country. I guess they call me one day before they start or catch me when I go there to stretch a bit (for sure I will do that so that I do not miss any important things that are passed around orally).

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:grinning: Ah, ok! That is good that you will at least be told.


It takes some getting used to, doesn't it, if you are accustomed to more stringent planning and organisation. :P


Good luck!



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Indeed! I went to stretch there today and to mark some presence and bumped into the AD and she told me that tomorrow morning we would start slowly slowly and within a couple of weeks the new schedule would be stabilized. I am glad I am not working yet so I can take this special lesson in the morning. It just seemed that too many people were on holiday and now they checked who was actually back and since we are quite a group, she called the teacher and we will have lessons tomorrow.


When I talked to the lady in the office she meant that there was some problem with my connection being too far away (you know, too much costs etc.) but I guess they just switched off the whol electricity.


Anyway, I am glad I am in contact now!

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I know you said this is the way of the country you are in now, but for a pre-pro school this really seems bad.


Isn't there a more responsible school with a stable schedule you can go to? It seems strange that a pre-pro school would not even know when they start or what the schedule will be like, in any country that even has such schools.

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Hehe, no. There's not even a normal school which have their schedule in advance. I just talked to a lady and she does not know when her kids have to go back to primary school...maybe on monday, maybe a week later or even on wednesday. Even the teachers know nothing and some of the teachers will wait a year untile they get called and they do not earn anything in this time. For me it is unimaginable how a country can work that way but obivously it does. It is extremly strange for me but when they have there big summer holidays here, the city is like dead and you do not need to call them or write them e-mails because no one is there.


I just went to a bank to open an account and I am still wondering...but this is too OT.


The school is one of the best in the whole region and besides that, no other school has opened yet (so that we have temporary students from allover coming to this school to dance in the morning because they still have holidays).


Basically I know my schedule, it will be everyday the same anyway in the afternoon, it is more about when exactly and what days (for the evening-lessons, because they alternate).


But I am just glad to be in contact with them now and the AD is always around so I that I can grab her and ask.

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Whatever country you are in (I won't invade your privacy by asking) would send a person with OCD tendencies like me to the nuthouse. I need things scheduled weeks in advance or I cannot function. :o Good luck to you in getting back to classes. :wacko:

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Me too, you cannot imagine how I was hyperventilating when I haven't got my schedule and I had to leave home and knew that I would not have internet for a couple of days! I am used to mayn things from university (they are extremly chaotic) but I couldn't imagine that it could be worse (well, it can!)


I guess the lady from the school office thinks now I am crazy (at least she always gives me an extra smile when I enter and talks to me like I would be a little child...it's kind of cute).

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