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I just finished up my summer intensive in Atlanta, which I loved, but after the show, my mother pointed something out to me. I have a type ofstiffness in my movement, like I'm aftaid to do anything wrong. One of my teachers in Atlanta also pointed this out, only in my expression. Is there any way to release the tension in my dancing? Mt mother said that there were times when it looked like I was about to do it, but something stopped me. Is this common? Is there any way to fix it?

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Without seeing you, it is difficult to pinpoint what the issues are. May I suggest you go to your current teacher to ask for some advice? There are so many reasons a dancer moves without fluidity from poor posture to lack of self-esteem. I am sure you will agree, this is quite a wide range.

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The problem is, I have asked my teacher for advice. His response: just stop dancing like a robot. Not very helpful. My mother and I discussed this last night and she said that before I started to focus so much on getting perfect technique I was able to be more fluid in my movements, however sloppy they were.

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It is the teacher's job to TEACH you how to fix something when he corrects you. If he cannot work with you on being able to use your technique to create fluid movement and not be "robotic", then I think you might want to think about finding another teacher who can. It should be a part of your technique, not something separate. That said, however, some students do become so focused on "perfect" that they lose ability to express anything through their movements. The art of ballet is about expression and fluid movement and musicality, it's not about steps and poses. Yes, those things are there, and they must be good, however, if all one has is steps and poses, that simply does not work. That is not dancing.


I would hope that the teacher would take the time to try and help you learn to DANCE, not just to make perfect pictures.

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