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Next Generation Ballet at Tampa's Patel Conservatory

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Do you have any idea if they are planning a residency program for year round students? I was accepted, but heartbroken because I can't move and too young to live on my own. :dry:

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spazzerina, I spoke to Mr. Stark, who has said that he is working on a residence for the future, but that it would most likely be for "the over 18 crowd." It is still in discussion and he will keep me posted. He also had this to say "I am really trying to reinvent the model for regional ballet with a hybrid between a second company, youth ballet and traditional opera company (in terms of guest artist usage)." I hope this information helps. Sounds exciting to me.

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Thank you so much. My ballet school raised the prices considerably, so we are looking in to other options. Do you know of any residency planning for the OBS academy program?

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That I don't know, and that would be under the Orlando Ballet School program. They are now separate entities. For that, you could contact Ms. Miles-Burger, who is the director of that program.

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Yes, please do ask the Orlando Ballet School questions under that forum so that we can gather information about Mr. Stark's new program on this thread and keep the two schools seperate. Which they are!

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Just did it for you in the title itsthemom. :D

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I wish more would speak up regarding this program! Where are you guys??? Mr. Stark is my DD's favorite instructor and we would love more information!! My DD is attending the summer intensive (99% sure - deadline tomorrow) and she is considering the trainee program but we don't really know much about it. We are trying to gather information from all over. I have read all the articles and blogs from the Tampa area and it sounds like they are heading in the right direction! I also hear that there is a great backing for the arts in Tampa.

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NEABDANCEMOM, I tried to PM you, but I don't think you can receive PM's yet. Since we like to maintain our anonymity, I don't feel comfortable posting my information here, but if you would want to post your email address, I can email you. There isn't anything wrong with the program, in fact quite the opposite, but as I said we try to maintain our anonymity:)

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TwelfthNight would you mind PMing me some information? I'm attempting to make decisions for this year also and I'm really interested in Patel! Thank you :( I've looked everywhere but I haven't heard much about it.

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ballet4life, it is BT4D policy that adult members NOT PM young dancer members. Just FYI.


The sharing of information about the programs is why we have these threads. Hopefully, we can encourage members to share publicly the typical type information we all are interested in as regards this program. While we do understand concerns for anonymity and the disconnect between cyber and real life identities, we don't want to encourage the PM/e-mail route as the primary route for exchange of information regarding the programs.


Please understand that this is NOT directed at anyone in particular on this thread---or others. It's just that the comment to resort to PMs has appeared more recently than in the past on a number of threads.


I'm sure there are good reasons for reticence in posting and we don't want to encroach upon that. Just do want to encourage the open sharing of information to the extent one is comfortable so that these threads are able to continue to serve the purpose they were set up for. :(

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