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Next Generation Ballet at Tampa's Patel Conservatory

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The reasoning we were given (now this was a few years ago, but I'd think the reasoning would be similar) was that those shoes are very noisy. I don't recall if it was specified as a reason, but both the current and former NGB AD were NYCB alums, so that association/aesthetic may play into it as well. DD (and a few others who were staying for the year) transitioned from RP to Freed through the course of the summer and by early Fall had made the switch. I don't know if others were given more specifics; DD just knew that she needed to switch and was determined to make it work.

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gabby's mom

Mr. Neal is less strict about this than Mr. Stark was.  Also, while Mr. Neal encourages the students to avoid those shoes, he really doesn't seem to mind for the students who are not in the trainee program.  Other than a few of the upper level students, those who are not trainees seldom perform on pointe, so that may be a factor.

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For those who's children auditioned for the trainee program during the SI, how long did you have after their acceptance before you had to commit?  
Do they give you the level of the Trainee program your child will be put in?  Or is it the type where you start automatically in the lower level and work up?  (I'm trying to figure out if they place you in Trainee, A1, A2, B etc or if you have to progress through)

I see the tuition rate and fees that are on the schedule from last year, but what kind of extra fees are there?  How often are costuming fees and how high if you remember?  What type of extra fees are there for coaching?

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Where do trainees live who attend Next Generation Ballet? Is there any supervised housing? Are they living at home or with host families?

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