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dancing with younger girls


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So i started ballet over the summer in a begginer class twice a week and now they want to put me in a class 3 days a week 2 hours each class and eventually get me to pointe. the problem is the class they want me in is ages 10-12 and i am 15. would that be weird? they said if i work hard i can be with my age group in about a year. i feel like i would stick out so much with the younger girls though.

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It doesn't matter. It's class, and the objective is to accelerate you to a higher level of proficiency safely. Go to class, learn and enjoy!


But remember, here at Ballet Talk for Dancers we prefer that you use standard capitalizations and spellings, including "I" as a first person singular pronoun.

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Bunhead, I'm a bit confused. In your welcome post you say you are 16, and that you will be moving into a Level VI class after only 4 months of ballet. Are you saying that this level VI class is 10-12 year olds? If that age group is that level, how many levels are there in the school? And are you 15 or 16?

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I see. Okay. But I would say that it is quite unusual for someone to go from total beginner to Level VI in a few months. You must have an excellent facility for ballet. :D


[i edited your post, above, for capitalization and punctuation.]

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Oops thanks for editing that. I am still getting use to this site. They said I was moving to level VI because I learned the technique I needed for that class very quickly and I have natural turnout and ability. I guess I am still wondering if it is weird that I am in that class with younger girls.

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No, it is not weird that you are with younger girls. I'm sure they have had several years of training, so you are very fortunate to be moving up that quickly.


I don't think you understood why I edited your post. Sentences begin with capital letters, and every time you use "I" it must be capitalized. Your punctuation was better, but you still did not use the upper case letters. How about you edit your own post this time? :D

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