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Need help finding a variation


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I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place. My apologies if not!

I am teaching a variations class, and remembered a variation I learned years ago. Problem is, I cannot for the life of me figure out what it was from/ what role it was. It was a women's variation. I can't remember the entire thing, well actually I can only remember the beginning... But from what I do remember, it began upstage left (although, I'm sure you could start on the right if it's your better leg). Starting from there and traveling to downstage right corner, it was: glissade, cabriole (holding the landing with leg devant), then (stepping on the devant leg in preparation) a double lame duck landing in fourth position, and repeating the entire thing again. And after that, I completely blank out. I've tried finding it on youtube and google, but was unsuccessful. I remember it being a somewhat popular variation (I learned it both at my studio, as well as summer intensives abroad), definitely from a major ballet. I thought maybe it was from Paquita, but couldn't find it when I searched. I know I haven't given much information to go on but if anyone knows of any variations that start out like that, I would sure appreciate knowing. I want to find the music for class.


Thank you :D

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The 3rd Shade variation in Kingdom of the Shades from La Bayadere starts with cabrioles from up left, but there is no piqué en dehor pirouette in that diagonal. That is the only one I can think of right now that starts with the cabrioles, though.

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This section you describe is in the 1st variation of the Paquita pas de trois, but it does not start with it :(

You can see it in this video, starting at 5.26

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