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Shoes or the Dancer?

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Seems to be a lot of discussions popping up about ballet slippers (flats), and would appreciate someone else's opinion as this is a first for me.


Recently purchased a pair of Capizo Men's Romeo Leathers (still let the staff help fit), sewed the elastics in the classic "x" across the foot and adjusted the draws for a snug fit.


Shoes are great. Light, flexible and really didn't need breaking in, first class with them and I noticed a tendency for the front part of the shoe to literally roll off the top of my foot. I've never had this happen in the past and trying to decide if this is the shoe or me through bad habits maybe that's causing the rolling effect?

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I don't understand what you mean by the front part of the shoe rolling off the top of your foot, however if this is something that is only happening in one kind of slippers and it has never happened to you before with other slippers then chances are it's an issue with the slipper, or the fit of the slipper on your feet. It doesn't just need to fit well, it needs to suit your foot type.


Maybe someone else who understands what you mean can assist you further though, or maybe you could try to detail what's going on better for those of us whose brains are a little "slow". :)

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Have you really pulled up the elastic which goes all the way around the top of the shoe? Try pulllng it up a bit tighter when the shoes are on your feet.

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Was afraid I might have worded my post poorly.


Imagine taking a towel and giving it a half twist, now imagine that happening with the slipper on the working leg at the barre during just about any exercise of your choice. The draw strings are snug and tied off.


It may be the shoe never had any in the past that are this light.

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I'm sorry, I still don't get it. Take a towel and give it half a twist? Is the towel on your foot? Where/how are you twisting it? I just don't get it.


I think pictures would help. :/

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So, the top part covering metatarsals/toes is twisting? Is it twisting to the outside or inside of your foot? I bet our shoe experts and teachers would have more information on this, but I'd hazard a guess that there's an issue with the fit in some way if it's twisting.

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It sounds as though the toe box is too wide, could be they "grew" after a bit of wearing? I find some flat shoes grow very quickly and far too much for my liking. Unfortunately, the only way to find out is either by purchasing the shoes and wearing them, or on this board!

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