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Residency Program Applications and Admission: To which other programs

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If you or your DK is attending a residency program, I am interested to know which other programs you applied to and were accepted to--in order to get a sense of comparable schools (with the assumption that they attract students with similar interests and abilities). I use the term "comparable" very loosely.


What residency program is your DK currently attending?


To which other programs did he/she also apply?


Of those other programs, to which ones was he/she accepted?


What were some of the leading factors that made you select your current program (please refrain from comparing to other schools, such as "better teaching than school XYZ." Instead, state, "Excellent teachers" or "Lots of performance opportunities" or "Focus on classical repertoire," etc.)

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Hi JJOhio,


I suspect that some people (such as myself) might be leery posting the information you request publicly. More might be inclined to send the information via PM, but you have not accrued enough posts yet for PM priviledges.


I am encouraging you to stay with us - keep posting and asking questions.


Please also know that admissions can be pretty subjective year to year - I know a number of exremely talented dancers who were turned down by one program, accepted by a second, and are enjoying lovely performing careers!


All the best,



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