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Wednesday was spring day here in South Africa and the first warm spring day that I can remember us having in many years, it was also the opportunity to try out my new pointe shoes and other than a little bit too much bagginess around my heels (I have got very narrow heels which seem to disappear into nothing as soon as I go on pointe), so going to have to try a couple of tricks to solve that problem.

As for my shoes, they were WONDERFUL I have never been so on top of my pointe's before and to quote my teacher "I made it look easy", it was great, and although pointe work will probably never be my favourite thing in the world, it was not as impossible as normal.

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Just had to share this one, I've been out of classes due to some pre-fall class schedule breaks and work hours for the past 2 weeks, so getting a little antsy. Reading the thread over on Cross Talk about the attitude turn video got me sort of curious, I am by nature not a great turner (though it's been getting mildly better) but turning en dedans (and especially in attitude or arabesque) does usually fare better for me. So, started just goofing around doing some attitude turns with various arm positions in my socks on the laminate floor and I did a double to my great surprise! Oh if only I could capture those happy accidents in class and repeat them. :wub:

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Balletlove - that's great about the shoes. I'm so jealous!!! (especially after recent events for me :D )


Sellen - Wow, a double? That's great! I just want to be able to do a single turn in attitude or arabesque.

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This was an interesting day. I'd planned to do a new studio's morning adult ballet class - Vaganova school (new one in the general driving area). I did that, then had planned to attend a pointe class at one of my regular ballet schools. Got to that one to find out that the class doesn't start for a few weeks - but I was so wiped out by the first class that I was QUITE glad of that! LOL!


The first class, btw, is ACE! Only 2 students were in it - as I said, it's brand-new. The school is run by a former Russian ballet star and her husband. I was afraid the class would be too hard, especially as I hadn't had much Vaganova training but it turned out to be just right. The other student, an adult about my age, was a regular. I could tell the teacher (one of the owners) was throwing out various levels of combos to see where this newbie would place. At the end, she said I did very well and asked the usual question: "Where have you studied?" Very self-esteem boosting.


Anyway, back to the story: I'd planned to go home and take a nap, or go to the gym and sit in the spa pool (my second-favorite pastime! LOL!). Then I remembered I had four classes to make up at my other regular studio. So I had a snack and went there. Planned to take the one class and see how I felt. Made it through and decided to take the next one - a musical theatre class. No dancing involved which was fine for me. Then there was that studio's pointe class - beginner-ish, again fine. THEN the modern class.


All in all, I had four dance classes and the one break of the musical theatre class and I was still able to walk.


I'm proud that I am still able to walk.


Now I'm going to BED!

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Took a very very beginner class at a new studio today. I got some very picky corrections from the instructor (a good thing, exaclty why I was there).


Afterwards she told me she expected more of me than the other students because they are new, and she could tell I had danced before.


I am so happy that after a 4 year break, I still look like I know what I'm doing. I just wish my body would let me do it to the same level- I've lost almost all my flexibility, stamina, and any turnout I had. But it's nice to know that I look like someone who is working with what they have, rather than someone who just doesn't get it!

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LOL! I had to get up and put on my leg brace to stretch out the achilles on one foot. I can JUST about walk today.


Today is a stretch class and probably will work out at the gym. I will likely cycle rather than use the elliptical.... <grin>

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Are you superhuman, Serendipity?! :pinch::) I feel very lazy reading your posts, especially as I am quite a bit younger than you (not meant in an offensive way, just saying) plus I have not had to deal with injuries like you have in the past. You're amazing! :thumbsup:



Well, after my exam, I have taken the weekend completely off of ballet/exercise as a rest. Tomorrow I officially start with the new studio (I still can't quite believe my exam is done and I have left my old studio!), plus I have made a commitment to myself to take at least one pilates class a week and to do more cross-training to improve core strength and stamina. I'm also going to re-start all my feet/ankles and physiotherapy exercises, all of which I stopped doing in the busy lead-up to the exam (and everything else in life!).

Serendipity, please send me some of your energy! :wink:

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Swantobe, how do you think you did???? I've been thinking about you all week!! I'm so proud of your tenacity to keep going!! :)


I'll bet it feels a relief to be done!


To all....I spent several years working up to this schedule. Officially, Sunday is my day off, although I do try to get to the gym for some upper body work. You've no idea what a road I've traveled (I'm saying this with positive vibes, not negative, btw, so please take it as my own personal relief!!).


Since I've achieved so much now, I really want to continue for as long as I physically can. It won't be that long before I'll have to scale back, so I want to take advantage of the current good health while I can. :-)


Skittl - I know how you feel about being recognized as having some level of accomplishment. As long as teachers keep correcting, I'm happy, that's for sure. It's the ones who believe you know what you're doing and then leave you on your own you have to watch out for, in my experience.

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Serendipity, you are definitely an inspiration for any dancer. Your such a hard worker and everything. Glad to hear you are doing great and your health is better.

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You're all very sweet. I just have goals and want to get as far to them as possible. All I say to people who widen their eyes is that I enjoy it and it's good for my health. <grin>


I may not say much but I celebrate everyone's accomplishments, no matter how minor, and commiserate with the challenges and setbacks, no matter how minor.


And I'm still sore from yesterday. LOL!

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