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3) Rules and Policies --Disagreements with Moderator Decisions

Victoria Leigh

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Our Moderating Team is a collection of Teachers, Ballet Lovers and Ballet Parents who care about helping others find the best training and programs for their children.  Our Moderating Team is faced with upholding the guidelines and rules of the forum as posted.  We are a heavily moderated forum and will not apologize for that.  It is what makes our information more reliable and valuable than can be found in many locations on the internet.  We are not perfect, but we do try.  The Moderating Team has been given parameters to follow in keeping discussions on topic, keeping posts adhering to our rules and keeping members from attacking each other or the board.  

With that stated, the decisions of our Moderating Team are final and are not up for discussion.  If you disagree, you may PM a moderator to discuss or you may contact the board itself.  Any potshots, snide remarks or flippant responses in regards to the Moderation will be hidden from view without question.  If you see the terminology:  Moderator Hat on or Administrator Hat on, this is the final word on the direction of the thread.  Period!  Any challenges by members will result in the member receiving a warning.  After three warnings, the member will be removed.  

Updated May 2020

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