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Pirouettes and floors


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My daughter has an off-hours access to an aerobic room and she occasionally uses that opportunity to do stretching exercises. I know she is having some problems with certain types of pirouettes at her ballet classes. When I suggested that she could use that aerobic room to practice her pirouettes, my daughter says that she couldn't do that because floors at the aerobic room are different, "stickier". The floors don't look/feel that much different to me, but I am not a dancer. Are all dancing floors the same and very different from all other floors? Should a dancer be that sensitive to the type of flooring? Is my daughter just coming up with an excuse to avoid doing what is hard for her? I would like to get others' opinions on this.

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While not all dancing floors are the same, most of them today are "marley", which is a special dance linoleum. Other floors might not work very well to help them practice, especially if they are either too slippery or too sticky.

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Depending on the pirouette type, she might find it helpful to simply practice the prep and balance, with no turn (so no worries about the floor surface :thumbsup: ). This can help her find out if she is truly placing herself in the right position on top of her supporting leg, and is also very helpful to find out if she is adequately using her turnout in both legs.

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