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My dd got her first pointe shoes


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We went to Russian Pointe in Chicago yesterday and my daughter was fitted with her first pair of pointe shoes - Encore.


It is almost a surreal experience. My dd is 12 and she took her first dance class when she was 4. When she was trying on shoe after shoe, I kept remembering all those hours at the studio, all the recitals, all the costumes, all the drama, all the "bad" days and all the "good" days.


It felt like this is a new beginning for her. She looked radiant.


I want to take a moment and thank Dustin who fitted my dd's shoes. He was so helpful, sincere and committed to finding the exact, right fit. I highly recommend him. My dd is working on a writing a personal thank you note to him.



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You know that now that I think about it some more, there is something about that second she was asked to go up on pointe. She lifts off the ground and stands on pointe (with the help of a nearby bar of course), but those extra 7 or 8 inches, I don't know, it made her look like she was flying.


The way the shop is set up, there are chairs in a line with a little stage right in front. She puts on the shoes while seated in her chair and then takes a few steps up the stage. The stage itself is only about 5 feet wide and about 3 or 4 feet deep. The back of the stage is floor to ceiling mirrors with a barre. There, she plies and then goes up on pointe to check the fit.


So from my seat, she is already up on stage and then she goes up on pointe. She looked 8 feet tall and stunning.


It really is a moment I will remember always.

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Congratulations to your dd!!! My daughter just got her 1st pair of pointe shoes as well about a month ago and had her "first official" pointe class last night. Seeing them en pointe for that very first time (either at the store or in their first class) is such a joyous experience. The smiles on their faces is priceless!!! It really is as if they are "flying" for the first time :yes: !

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Congrats to all your DDs! And, thank you Curandera for mentioning Dustin at Russian Pointe. We're still a couple of years away from pointe shoes, but I will make a note to look him up when the time comes. I don't want DD fitted at our local dance store because the selection here is minimal and they tend to market what's in stock. How fun it will be to have a girly weekend in Chicago to get pointe shoes!

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Congratulations to your DD! My DD got her first pair at Russian Pointe in Chicago last spring and was also fitted by Dustin. He was great!


Happy dancing!!

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I wanted to add to my original post that my dd's first pointe shoes are the Freed Studio shoes :thumbsup: . Her studio loves the Freed shoes!!!

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