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Need Tights with Wide Waist and Short Legs


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My 13 year old daughter is a wheelchair dancer. It is getting harder and harder to find tights that will fit her large waist but are short in the legs. She is 4' 8" and her legs are 30" long. In the past, she didn't wear tights until dress rehearsal and then we had to roll them up around her waist, but that is too uncomfortable now. Does anyone know of an online store that has special size tights?



Nancy in Baton Rouge, LA

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Welcome Momnick8!


I just searched online for you and the first site I checked was www.yougogirldancewear.com which is located in Pennsylvania. If you go to their website and go to the "Tights" section you will see that they carry larger sized tights. Their contact information is available of course if you need to call them to crosscheck the size charts for your daughter's size.


I hope this helps!


Edited to add for anyone interested: I just searched around the "You Go Girl Dancewear" site under leotards and noticed that they appear to be a Wear Moi distributor!

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I do not know of an online store. Since you didn't mention a waist size or age, a suggestion would be to try adult tights or plus size if needed. The waist will be larger and then if there is a Costume Mistress or Mom with the company she performs with, it should be easy enough to take a pair of adult tights and recut the length and serge the toe for you. It would be easiest to do this on a tight that does not have a shaped foot/heel already. Eurotard tights and Sansha tights are some that fit this bill.


I did this recently to turn an adult male tight into a boy's tight and it worked just fine. A tip though, I just serged the fabric off to be sure the tights wouldn't run when I cut them. Worked fine.

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Thanks. She is just starting with a new company (nonprofit) that has never had wheelchair dancers before, so I don't know what they do about costumes. I asked the director if she would consider using her for their holiday program and it turns out the director had worked with wheelchair dancers in Atlanta. For now we have 2-3 dancers using wheelchairs and a couple who use walkers. We would probably have more, but the rehearsals are every Saturday afternoon so I know that interferes with a lot of weekend events. My hubby sews but I don't know if he has the ability to do that. It would be worth a try though.


Nancy in Baton Rouge, LA

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