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Worried for my daughter


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Looking for some advise

I was hoping to get some feedback about a concern I have regarding my 13 year old daughter...After doing some research online I have come to the conclusion that my daughter may have femur anteversion..

My question is it still possible for her to continue down her chosen path of taking her dancing further, or is this going to make such a huge impact to her turnout ability that it would be wiser and kinder to steer her in another direction.

I have placed a call to our PT, just waiting on hearing back from him.

But in the meantime I thought I would put my question here as there is always such wonderful advise given.



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Why not take her to the orthopedist, and get a regular medical diagnosis? PTs are great, but can't really act without a diagnosis.

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The head of the femur bones are turned inward which limit the capacity to "turn out" from the hip.

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Thanks for advice Mr Johnson, and I agree a orthopedist, would certainly be the best place to take her...However where we reside, we have a shortage of medical personnel and in order for me to get in to see anyone it will take a few months. Even to get her into our local GP we will have a wait of about 1-2mths.

So this why I opted for the PT route to start with and then thought I would go from there, as I can generally get into him within a week or so. We have an appointment to see him tomorrow.

However I am also intending to take her down the Dr route, I just thought this will be a way to get some immediate answers though the PT.


I have done a bit of research regarding it and have found out that quite a few children are born with anteversion or retoversion, and the impression I got was that it normally corrects itself at about 10years. So I am also going to request a few x rays to determine my daughter's bone development as she is an extremely tiny pre-puberty 13 year old.


It most likley won't change much but at least it will give us a bit more of a idea of the degree of the anteversion.

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Just thought I would update after our visit to the PT......

All is good, he does not feel that she is anteverted and feels sure that with lots of stretching and really working her turnout during class she has room for improvement.....

So needless to say we are feeling pretty happy, I from a mother's view point and my daughter is just excited that she can continue her much loved ballet..

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