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Dealing with a class that's really pushing my skill level


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I wanted to ask a question about what to do, to be my best. I just got leveled up to intermediate by the teacher after doing beginner and basic for a little over a month and I'm struggling with it a little bit but I'm pretty determined to stay if I can. I know some stuff will only come with time though. I wanted to ask for pointers though on being able to handle it better though. Like I get super nervous and I'm trying not to ease out of anything and I go ahead and try typically everything I can, but there are also some terms that I don't know, maybe 10% sometimes 15% of the time and I'm not all that good at center by any means. Or pointers/ a way to help remember combinations better. Right now my schedule is jammed packed with work and college though making it hard take more dance classes than my current 4 a week plus like 1-2 pilates but the teacher has recommended a minor since I'm so far along in my degree. But I have been thinking about taking a couple more classes a week if I cut back on work. Any help or advice to help me make it though a little bit better would be greatly appreciated.




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Natalie, you really need to give it more time! You only started in June, and you've already assimilated a tremendous amount of information over a very short time. Even though you may understand how ballet works intellectually, you've got this body to convince, and that takes time and effort. The more you study, the better you will be able to argue the uncooperative parts to go along with your brain!

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