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Any experience with young dancer SIs?


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The years we stayed in a hotel we stayed at the Comfort Suites - 10 S. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA 17013, (717) 960-1000. However that was over 5 years ago so the above recommendation may be better. So glad you are seriously considering it. :dry:

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Since you don't live in NYC where did your son stay during the program? Did you stay there with him? We are trying to determine what the total cost would be if he were to be accepted. I am not familiar with any of the residence options that are listed on the ABT website and didn't know if a hotel was the best way to go or if anyone had any specific recommendations. Since my son would only be 9 I don't that I think would be comfortable sending him to NY by himself - I would most likely go with him. Thanks!

My DD attended ABTYDSW this summer. We sublet an apartment in Chelsea area, five blocks from the ABT studios. Rates were comparable to hotels. The reason we chose an apartment was because hotels did not have a kitchen,efficiency, or refrigerator. You have to pack a lunch daily. You can not take you dancer out for lunch. Plus the cost is so much more. Try vrbo.com to search for apartments. This is how we found ours.

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