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Adult Dancers for Nutcracker, Riverside CA

2 Left Feet

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Hey guys:


Your old friend 2 Left feet here. Long time no see!


I'm helping a friend who just took over as artistic director of the California Riverside Ballet in Riverside. We're completely re-doing their annual "Nutcracker" performance. We've come up with some exciting new ideas and can guarantee it will be a show people will talk about for weeks afterward.


We're looking for adult dancers in the area who want to be party parents and perhaps mice in the battle scene. We want people who know how to move but you don't need to be a prima ballerina. It'll be basic things like waltzes. We just want people who can move and not the standard parents who get roped in at the last minute.


We're letting any adult dancer in the area interested in being in the show take company class before rehearsals to warm up. You'll find this class quite interesting because of the technique we train with. Many people find they learn to use their bodies a whole new way after our classes! But don't be turned off by the term "company class". I wouldn't expect to go out there and do the things I used to do and we don't expect you to either. So enjoy the opportunity to learn from some great teachers including Mario Nugara, Stephanie Saland and Zippora Karz.


Rehearsals are in Riverside on Saturdays from 10AM - 5PM. We won't need adults that whole time.


If you're interested, reply here or you can contact me at ed.crballet@gmail.com That's an email set up just for responses to this post.


Sadly, I'm not dancing anymore. I have to live with watching and helping to make it happen.


Be well!



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My Company is having similar difficulties attracting adults for our Fall and Winter seasons. So sad to hear you are not dancing anymore.

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