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I just asked a question a few minutes ago and realized I had another one-sorry if there is any 'limit' on questions, please let me know if there is so I will not do this in the future. :shrug:

About a year ago, I posted a dance schedule and asked if it seemed proficient. I am not looking to become a professional ballerina, just looking to be the best dancer that I can be. This year, I realized that my studio was a 'dolly dinkle' and decided to switch to a more professional studio in my area. Here is my ideal schedule-please let me know if you think this looks good/better.


Monday: 6-7 lyrical tech, 7-8 ballet tech

Tuesday: 5-6 ballet tech

Wednesday: 4-5 ballet tech, 5-5:45 pointe

Thursday: 4-5 lyrical tech, 5-6 break, 6-7 jazz tech, 7-8 ballet tech, 8-8:45 pointe


Also, please let me know if I am allowed to post my current dance studio-I don't know if it is not allowed because of personal safety reasons, but if it is I would like to post it. Thanks! :thumbsup:

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No to the posting of your school, cookieberry.


If you're just looking to dance recreationally, and you enjoy these classes, then the schedule seems to fit in with your goals.


If you'd like to become the best ballet dancer possible, then the schedule needs some adjustments.

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Cookieberry, while this school might be a "more professional school", it is still not a professional school. One hour classes in ballet technique are not sufficient. Pointe classes without a minimum of 3 one hour and a half technique classes are also not good. The time for lyrical classes could be better spent in ballet technique classes. If you are beyond a total beginning class, then it is time to look for a school that offers 90 minute tech. classes. Soryy. :shrug:

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