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Hello, I am an adult beginning ballet student in the Pacific Northwest, have been taking classes for little over a year now, and am loving it. My employer is sending me to Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Korea in rapid succession in about 2 weeks with the option of choosing one place for an extended weekend. I have decided that this is an excellent opportunity to experience ballet in a different culture. I am planning on bringing my ballet shoes and dance clothes with me with the hopes of taking class with other adult students from one or more of those countries. I know this is a narrow time frame and a large geographic area, but I was hoping that someone here could make some recommendations or put me in contact with someone who can.


I'll try to be more specific, although my itinerary is not set. I will be leaving for Hong Kong first, around September 27th (just missing Hong Kong Ballet's matinee performance, I noticed), spending a couple of days in mainland China (Zhongshan?), then to Ipoh, Malaysia, and finally to Seoul, Korea for a total of (about) 10 days. I can choose to take an extended weekend at any one of those places. This is an unique opportunity for me and I'm looking forward to making the most of it. Thank you for your time and recommendations. I look forward to visiting all three beautiful countries.

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Well, a lot of dancers come from China and Korea. I don't have any contacts but I would imagine you would have the most luck in S. Korea. I don't know how easy it would be to pop into classes in China as a foreigner.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post and for your recommendation! I will send him a message, once I have my final itinerary worked out (should be tomorrow morning). It is looking like I may be able to arrive soon enough to catch the final matinee performance of the Hong Kong Ballet's "New Moon". I would also like to give a warm and public thank you to Sunny Chan, President of the Dance Society of Malaysia for putting me in contact with two ballet schools in Ipoh, one of which has a 28 year old, male, beginner student. I'm looking forward to meeting him and other adult students/ballet fans on my trip.

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