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Cartwheel help...nutcracker related!


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My daughter, 7 years old, can do a cartwheel but only on one side. When she tries it the other way the legs DO NOT go up and over. She went to rehearsal today. She came home and said she has to perform the cartwheel the other way for the dance. Is that normal? I know with splits girls have to work harder on one side....but I didn't know this about cartwheels. Is it something she will get with practice? Thanks.

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Yes, it is very normal for one side to be easier than the other-----just like pretty much everything else that requires hand, foot, etc. coordination. Everyone has a dominant side. Sometimes there is less difference between the two, sometimes there is a more striking difference. However, she will probably be able to do the 'other side' cartwheels just fine with practice. :shrug:

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I agree with dancemaven that she will lern them with practice. I used to coach gymnastics and it is now pretty standard from the start to make kids learn everything on both sides. It feels ackward for them at first but if they get over thinking I can't do this side, kids pretty much pick it up fast.

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