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My dd had partnering and is now complaining of lower back pain. She had partnering all summer at her SI and no problems. Is it the partner? Is it the lift itselft (press lift & she arches back-sorry for my poor description)? Her teacher said she has bruising, it that common? Does anyone have any suggestions? She is naturally thin and small boned, I am not sure if that is playing a role as well. It was also suggested that she take Arnica to help with the bruising.

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Bruising in partnering is quite common particularly when students are new to partnering. As for the back pain, if it is anything our of the ordinary, see a doctor otherwisw wait a few days to see if the pain subsides.

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Sorry I posted in the wrong place. I was searching old posts for the topic and didn't think to look where I was posting. We spoke with another (male) teacher from her studio today. He told DD that her partner is using his fingers instead of his whole hand to hold her. So now he will work with her partner on the proper way to hold her. :(

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