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ProBalance Bands seem to be all the rage here at the moment. Amongst sports people, every other person in the office, and in the shopping centres seems to have one of these bands on their arm. They are supposed to improve strength, flexibility and balance. I was just wondering if anyone had tried one or had a thought on them.

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How does a bracelet improve all of that?

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Has to do with ions according to their website probalance.co.za. They also have a typo on it saying the ions were discovered in 1999. Think they meant 1899.

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I had to google this before understanding what you were talking about. A friend of mine was given one of these as a gift and in her experience, it has done nothing. Personally, I don't believe in them and I didn't feel like the "how it works" explanation given on the website seemed satisfactory. Until there are proper scientific studies done on this product which prove they work, I'm very skeptical.

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My AP Psychology class and I have been talking about these bands for a while saying they are just the placebo affect. Meanwhile, today someone brought them in, none of us expecting it to work, especially or teacher. Meanwhile some how they worked! We were doing a test of balance some one would stand with both arms stretched out to the side and standing on one leg. Next someone would try to push them over by pushing down on one arm. Next, they tried doing this with the band on. Our teacher went first, the person most likely to be skeptical about it, and it did improve her balance. I still want to try it again tomorrow to reaffirm what happened, because even though I felt it it was very strange lol :thumbsup:. I will post back with a second trial.

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Surely if someone tries to unbalance you and you 'fall' and then they do it again (without any gadgets) most people would improve the second time? Maybe next time round you should try with the band first and then take it off!

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Lots of info and reviews out there, showing how the placebo effect relates to this product. Many youtube videos also of people substituting other objects in place of the bracelets and getting the same results. So sounds more like Mind over matter.

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