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Assistant Teaching at 12!


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:pinch: I just wanted to share that my 12 yo dd was asked to be an assistant in the Pre-Ballet class at her studio.


She is always so happy and pumped after these classes. I don't know if these opportunities are available at company or pre-professional schools, but if this is something that only happens at small schools, it definitely needs to be counted in the plus column when making comparisons.


I've always heard that if you want to learn a subject, teach! She told me that some of her own flaws she has been working on are flaws that all her little students have. Now that she is helping them with their corrections, she is following her own advice and has broken down the movements to improve her own dancing.


The children at that age are so in love with dancing, they dance with open hearts and minds. It is fun to see that again.


It is also fun to see how much in awe the little ones are with "Ms. Izy." She is on the dance team and is on pointe (for a whole 2 weeks)! She loves the adoration! LOL! :)

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Congratulations Ms. Isy and Ms. Isy's Proud Mom!


My 5-year olds' teacher asks them to be 'assistants' with her 3-4 year old class when we get there early. They are stoked and I must say it seems to make them more attentive in their own class. They also love it when one of the 'Big Girls' (teenagers) comes to help.

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It is pretty cool to see her with the kids. She comes homes talking about so and so and the cute thing they said or did. She is already making plans about what little thing should could give "her students" for the Holidays.


Especially in these tough economic times, I am more than aware of the financial commitment and strain that comes from dance.


But there are also so many benefits, good posture, physical fitness, body awareness, team work, discipline are some and of course just the pure joy of dancing.


But it seems the more my dd progresses, the more often the less obvious benefits show themselves.


Now she is learning the joy of teaching. I am really grateful she gets this experience.

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I think it is a great opportunity for the tweens/teens to get the taste for teaching. The older children help with the younger ones at our school and they are relied on to help the little ones with their concert dances. I am always amazed how they remember all their dances as well as those dances the little ones have to do.

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I think that it is a fantastic opportunity both for Ms Izy and her young charges. I am an ex teacher (academics) and can say that from my experience everyone gains out of this sort of arrangement and it is so nice to hear that the assistant teacher is enjoying it as much as the little ones enjoy the extra attention.

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When my dd was 11 she was a teacher assistant and really enjoyed the experience. The teacher was lovely and the girls were 3/4. DD discovered that she enjoyed being around younger kids, enjoyed teaching, and still has a good relationship with that teacher.


Congrats to your dd!

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Congrats to your dd! What a great honor for her! I do agree that teaching is the best way to reinforce what you have already learned. I know how little ones really look up to the older kids :thumbsup: .

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