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Beginners open classes at BDC/Steps in Nyc.


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Do any adults here attend beginner or basic beginner classes, at Broadway dance center or Steps?. My sister wants to know what they are like, the types that go, level of those who go etc, from somebody who is attending them currently. I think there are also basic beginner with Dariuz Hochman at Joffrey.

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I took some of the Basic Beginner classes at BDC in the summer. I liked them. I took with JK (initials of the instructor) and another person who was a sub. There were a wide range of levels in that class even being Basic. Some people had at least a few years of training and others were absolute beginners. I really liked JK's teaching style in that she was very strict about etiquette but was willing to explain what to do. She also broke down the combinations in a way to make the beginners independent and not copying others. The classes in the summer were very crowded -- about 30 students and it was a small studio. I also really like the center work we did which was more intricate that what I am used to at my home studio. The ages of the students in the summer ranged from about 14 to older adults 40s, but the adults over 20 really are in the minority. It may be different during the year. The average age I would have guessed was late teens early 20s. Most of them are training for an acting or theatrical career and serious.


I watched a bit of the Beginner class and there were older dancers in that one. I probably could have done it but I really didn't want to stress myself so I took the Basic. I think they recommend 3-5 years of training for the Beginner. There were a lot of men in both classes, but definitely many men in the Beginner class right after the Basic.

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Steps is pretty cool- it's a crazy environment there. The Intro class is good (the class is slow, the instructor really makes your muscles work!). I also like the beginning class on Tu Th (it's beginner, but not easy; it would be good to have 1-2 years of dance before you try it.) I actually like the classes better there than at Joffrey, but I've not tried BDC.

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