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Favorite Brand/Style of Pink Tights?!


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So, I just got hired by a ballet company: Yay! But I haven't had to wear pink tights since I left for college (over 4 years ago). I still plan to wear my spandex shorts for class & rehearsal, but I am going to need some pink tights for performances!


I'd love some input on what brands/styles everyone wears since it's been so long since I've worn any! Thanks!



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Look up at the masthead banner at the top of the page, and find the link to "Search". Click on it, and run the search on "pink tights". I came up with 1250+ hits. We've talked a lot about pink tights.

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Mishi, congratulations on getting a job with a company!


As far as tights, it would be best to find out what the company wants you to use for performance tights. Some companies will give you tights for performances, but if they don't, they may have a particular brand and type that they want.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, tippytoes911!

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