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I sort of hyjacked another thread here, so I'm going to start a new one for the topic.


I'm very interested in the variety of ballet feet out there, the strengths and weaknesses of the various particular types of foot "builds," how one can improve upon their feet. What I'm after is photos and discussions. I'd love to see some professional dancer feet and long-term pointe work feet. We all work with what we are given, but I also learn alot about ballet watching how people use their feet.


I'm going to be the guinea pig to get this started. So I'm going to copy my hyjacked posts and the responses so far...


Please contribute. :thumbsup:

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Clara 76's responses (but please, if anyone has similar feet or has any additional comments, love to hear them).


With regards to which flat shoes should work for you? Or a technical analysis?


You have a narrower foot, long toes, tapered toe configuration, lower profile, and medium arch/instep.


I think your feet are quite nice for ballet, and because of your delicate bone structure, strength will be something to focus on. Really, the feet that have the most challenges are the crazy-flexible, extreme high arch/instep, and extraordinarily flexible ankles. They have to really work twice as hard to achieve the correct placement.

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