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Petit allegro and pain in landing from jumps


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We did a lot of jumps today which I viewed with nervousness, mainly because the floor is not suspended and it just seems so utterly unforgiving.


Anyway, we did several combinations almost entirely of small jumps which I tried to keep small and neat and controlled especially as they were pretty fast combinations. However, I became aware of minor pain just under the ankle bone on the outside of each foot which is still present now. I was aware when jumping that the weak point seemed to be anything that involved landing in 4th position and the pain showed up in the back foot on those occasions.


Would this be because my weight was placed too much over the back foot?

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More likely that the back knee and foot were rolling inward, due to lack of use of rotation and landing in a controlled open position.


This in itself is bad enough, but doing it on an unsprung floor mulitplys the danger. Find classes with a proper floor.

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Thanks you Ms Leigh. I will check out what is happening with the back knee and foot.


I'm afraid finding another class is not an option - it's this class or no class. Adults are not well catered for here.

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OK, I have been practicing in front of the mirror at home (no mirrors at class!) and keeping a close eye on the placement of my back leg and now have no pain, though that may be partly because I have sprung floors at home. I have discovered playing soccer with my son is not be helping :D

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