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Music: Where can I find music for variations?

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I need to find Le Corsaire variations music - odalisques. However, I would like to only buy the tracks of the particular variation that I need. Is there any website that would have the Le Corsaire variations that I could download/purchase? I tried classicalballetmusic but they don't seem to have what I'm looking for.

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I have had a lot of luck with Itunes for single variation music. So far I've purchased variations from Raymonda, Corsaire, and Diana and Acteon. I was speciffically looking for a better orchestration than what I already had. Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestions! I found another variations I needed from classicaballetmusic.com, however neither itunes or Classicalballetmusic seem to have the third odalisque variation. Any more suggestions?

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I am currently hunting high and low for Pas de Odalisques, and cannot find a good recording of it. I purchased the Le Corsaire CD from classicalballetmusic.com, only to find out that the first beat of Variation #1, and the first 4 counts of Variation #2 are GONE. Where is everyone getting their recordings?!?!

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NEVERMIND.... it is now on iTunes!!! The whole Pas de Odalisques, without any cuts or repeats (though slow in spots).

Le Corsaire - Ballet in Three Acts, Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, released Oct 14, 2011


When I looked 2 weeks ago, it wasn't on iTunes, but now it is... more $$$ later.... but now I have a clean recording!

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