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Pronating Feet


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I know a little about this subject since I recently took my son to the podiatrist. My comments are totally that of a layman, but might be helpful. I myself had slightly 'flat feet' so I had gone to a podiatirst years ago as an adult, and got orthotics to help treat some Achilles tendonitis. The orthotics immediatley cured my problem. At that time, my podiatrist explained that the orthotics would never correct my flat feet, but would hold my foot in the right position while I wore them, and thereby help alleviate the strain on my tendons. My son (who dances) seemed to have slightly flat feet as well, but I did not bother taking him to a podiatrist when he was young, as I assumed his issue too was not 'corectable' and he need only go if and when he ever developed a problem. But I did ask about my son recently when I went to get my orthotics fixed, and lo and behold, I had misunderstood things. For an adult the condition is not fixable with orthotics, but for a child who is still growing, the orthotics can literally help your foot form and develop toward the ideal shape - at which point you would no longer need orthotics as an adult. The younger you go, the better the result. If you are near the end of your growth, the amount of 'fixing' may be minimal, but still will help in alleviating symptoms.

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How have you dealt with this problem?


Post moved here since Young Dancer forums are off-limits to parents.

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