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Found an adult dance program...


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I found a program for young adults yesterday who meets twice a week and the structure of it sounds really great (dancers lead choreography as a group, tuition is free, very friendly group of people, ect.) however it just seems too good to be true.

The AD says they are not a company, nor are they a school, they are a dance program for adults and they perform at a lot of local charity events.

The funding comes from ticket sales.

Right now I'm just looking for ways to be more involved in dance at all, however I'm a little concerned because the director is not on friendly terms with any pre-pro schools in town.

I mentioned quite a few and he shot every single one of them down.


He seems really passionate about opening opportunities up for young adult dancers, however as long as it's within the confines of his studio... I've only been there once and I'm afraid he's going to be very upset if I decide to take classes or join a company elsewhere.

I'm just not sure about this place, so I plan on going back monday and seeing where it goes.

The director is so charismatic that it worries me a bit.

I would really appreciate some insight on this?

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If it smells like a duck, and walks like a duck......


Trust your gut instinct. Remember that advice- it's the best advice anyone ever gave to me.

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Trust your gut instinct. Remember that advice- it's the best advice anyone ever gave to me.



I second that. Sometimes we want something so much we try to rationalize. Bad ballet is very bad for the body and soul.

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Thanks for both your replies.

I severed ties today, wrote the director a nice polite message explaining that the program just wasn't the right fit for me.

He said several more things today that just didn't set right with me and my mom said the same thing you guys did after I told her about our recent conversations.

I'm sure his intentions are good but we are so much of a personality clash if nothing else, I'm pretty sure we'd run into some corners eventually if I did join them.

I know it's not very meaningful to most other people, but this experience has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I just needed to talk about it somewhere... he said and did a lot of things that still have me a little nervous about just the fact that I came in contact with him.

But- alas, it leaves me that much more grateful for the studio I teach at where our director is a very sound, sweet woman who is careful in her decisions. I have learned a lesson in what not to do while directing a program, this week.

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