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So, I was out for at least six months last year due to a hip injury, so I also couldn't do much normal activities either, and now I am out because I have an unknown knee injury, and it hurts even to walk. So, I was wondering how it's possible ot stay in shape, because I feel like I already lost everything, and just when I gain it all back I'm out again. Thanks in advanced for any advice!


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The key here is the word "unknown".


Get a diagnosis, pronto! Without one, it's impossible to say what will make it better, or what it will allow you to do. Do only those things which are cleared for you by a physician, or a PT, once the diagnosis is clear. You don't fool around with big joints like a knee!

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Well... we're trying to find out what it is but neither a PT nor an orthapedist could diagnose anything yet... and I have already had xx-rays and an MRI... so we're not sure what to do now....

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IMPORTANT! A PT cannot diagnose independent of an MD. Therapists may have an opinion, which they should be sharing with a physician, but the diagnosis must come from the doctor! If you are unable to get a clear diagnosis, then it's time for another opinion from another doctor.

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