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Hi chaps,


I've just had the fifth class of my life and I love it! We started pirouettes today and I'm having trouble.

I can just about manage a turn to the left, but the right is causing me grief - I've been practicin in the (small, galley student) kitchen and have knocked into nearly everything with a terrible amount of despair!


Any advice would be gratefully received. I'm still very new to it and know I have a mammoth way to go - having only 45 mins per week isn't feeling nearly enough! I feel I should be havin 5-10 hours, but live in a very small city and can't get to any other classes. I'm trying to practice at home and would appreciate any assistance you could offer.



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First, good for you; you've gotten started. That's one of the most difficult barriers to break.


Now the other parts will start to come together. For now, I wouldn't worry about the class schedule. I'd start an adult beginner with two classes a week of an hour each until the basics are developing properly, then add a third. Ninety-minute classes start happening when the body can take more and different hard work. Remember, there's nothing natural about the way we move in ballet. Push too hard, too soon when the body isn't ready for the stylization required, and you could get hurt!


And speaking of getting hurt, try not to practice things in small confined areas. Ballet is all about the wide open spaces. In practicing pirouettes in a galley, you run the risk of really banging your knee against something, not good for you or whatever you hit! You can practice port de bras, the carriage of the arms, without too much danger; just be careful not to whack anybody near you.


Ballet is the modern management style: Continuous improvement is the goal.

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Dear Mr. Johnson,


Thanks again for the advice - I think it's a case of that wonderous feeling when one find a new powerful passion and immerses in it and longs to improve quicker than is humanly possible. And unlike other arts we can dally in, I realise ballet can't be cheated or hurried along - which reinforces my love for it!


I'll try to take on board what you advise...and hopefully will remain afloat!


Alas, 'tis now time for Shakespeare...


Good Morning :shrug:

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So how are your pirouettes going ?


I can not give you many advice in a forum as I will have to see you to really help, but just that you know:


1. Many professional dancers still have "psycologic" problems with pirouette.

2. Pirouette is a very easy thing, don't think is complicated. It is just a fine control and if you try to get it by using a lot of power... more you give power, more you will get difficulties.

3. I know world famous dancers (I will not give their name :rolleyes: ) that can not do pirouettes.

4. More you have fun trying it, and less you afraid, better it work.

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Thank you for the response. The pirouettes have gotten better since I stopped worrying about them. Odd how things just come like that isn't it. And this site is wonderfully comforting sometimes after those frustrations we all have from time to time.


Thanks again :)

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