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October Oops!


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I didn't see the October topic, if it has already been started, please delete this one. I wanted to start one because last night, I found out I basically have one speed - at a time. We were doing bourrées across the floor, backwards, with a strange port de bras, and the teacher wanted the feet to move very fast (as was correct), but the arms moved slowly. I found out - umm, no? When I tried to move the arms slower, the feet slowed down, and of course when I tried to increase the speed of the feet, the arms when faster. If it wasn't so funny, it would have been terribly sad! :shrug:

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*rant* parents should be banned from changing rooms. It happens that my lesson finishes when the lesson for the kids starts and since the changing room for adults is very small and overcrowed, I prefer to use the big one who is for everyone, also for the kids...and for their parents who bring them with the babybrother and the bigger sister and have to do hairdos and help changing them their clothes and putting on balletslippers and looking for lost leos and... For every child it seems that grandmum, daddy, mommy and babybrother are in the changing rooms and you can't move in there. When you want to leave the school, they block the door, the aisle, another door the entrance hall and the door that goes onto the street.


In my school at home, there is kid's ballet also for 5 years old but the come already with done hair and can change themselves. But here, kids do not seem to be able to get undressed and dressed for their lesson without a parent helping them. *finish rant*


Oh, and after all, I did really bad in classes the whole week but I blame it on a cold I caught. I guess my center is a bit off due to a running nose and a sore throat, which means, I can't turn without loosing orientation.

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I understand your frustration Claude. We're fortunate at my current studio - parents are not allowed in the dressing room, even for the five year olds, unless there's an emergency. Students are expected to come prepared or do the changing on their own. Some times, one of the older students will assist with the younger if needed, but the youngest usually come already dressed, with hair up. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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Something really odd is going on at my "home" studio (where I feel more like an intruder now!). There's so much damage done to the facility I'm wondering what the heck is going on. One room is now pretty much out of use due to the damage. I wonder what happened - do the kids do this? And why hasn't it been taken care of...? Ah well....

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Well, I remember why I quit ballet 4 years ago. I did something to my ankle and now am in horrible pain. I have no idea WHAT I did, as there was absolutely no moment in class where it hurt. But now it's killing me.


Stupid ankle.

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Have you seen a doctor or physiotherapist, Skittl? If the injury is bad enough to stop you dancing, you should get some expert advice and therapy for it.

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Have you seen a doctor or physiotherapist, Skittl? If the injury is bad enough to stop you dancing, you should get some expert advice and therapy for it.


Not this time around- it only happened yesterday. Still hurting this morning though :)

Tomorrow is a holiday, so I guess I'll have to wait and see how it is Tuesday. Kind of don't want to go to the Dr. for it, because I'm trying to get appts for something I think is more serious, and don't want them seeing me for this instead. I've already used all the PT my insurance will pay for this year on my (not yet better) hip, so that's out, unless it's major and I am willing to fork out the $$ for it.

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Oh dear, get well soon Skittl!


I decided not to take the pointe class after today's class; not until I get my new pointe shoes.

The ones I have now fit perfectly when I'm on pointe, and are tight when on flat. But when on demi-pointe they are really too small and painful! (And you can't know that before you sew on the ribbons..)

I ordered another kind back in July, and the shop owner said it would take three months, so I hope they are there soon! And that they fit :thumbsup:


Off to class now :shrug:

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dancepig that made me laugh, I'm sure it was frustrating for you but thanks for sharing! I could totally picture myself having the same issue.

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Oy! It was a little frustrating, but it was more funny than anything. I guess it's a good thing I don't take myself very seriously, especially at that moment!

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GRRR! I have wasted so much money on dance clothes that don't fit (both too big and too small).


The studio was out of waist belts for my level (yeah- it's weird that we wear them at all) so I ordered from discount dance. I made sure to get the adjustable one, but it appears that it really only adjusts to be tighter. It was set at about 25" when I got it, and it only adjusts up to 27".


This is not going to work for me. The good news is I can get it around my waist- but to wear it during a class- no way.


So now I'm removing the clips from it and sewing white elastic to the clips. So at least I have a clipping belt (one girl wears elastic tied around her waist, and it's not very attractive...)

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Also called "hip alignment belts". Except our school doesn't really use them for alignments- just as a level designation with a black leotard.


If you do a search you'll see most of the moderators here really don't like them because students wear them at their hips, and not waist, and it breaks their line.


(Here is a ballet dancer wearing one: http://www.ehow.com/video_5362155_dance-belt_.html except, I've never heard it called a dance belt, as I think that is a piece of men's undergarment apparel)


In the movie Center Stage- in the final dance piece all during one part all the girls wear alignment belts at the barre:

(about 3:25)
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We used to just tie a piece of elastic around our waist instead of paying for an "alignment belt." :-)


My ick: I love my current teacher at one of the schools I attend but I attend that class with a few of the most immature little girls one can ever imagine. A couple of them REALLY make it difficult to concentrate. The teacher does take action but those kids don't seem to learn. I'm not sure how much more of this behavior I can take...even for this great teacher.


And, to top it off, tonight the teacher next to us played their music SO loud we couldn't hear ours. Again, what sort of values are being reinforced....


This is the only school I attend that such behavior (both student and other) appears to be tolerated. <shakes head>


If it weren't for this teacher, who I can't study with anywhere else, I'd make this my last class. As it is, I'm seriously considering quitting the studio for good. The ethos seems to have deteriorated considerably over the past year....

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Serendipity- the piece of elastic is what I'm going to do- I sewed hook and eyes to it, so it can be worn like a belt and not tied (the teacher gets really annoyed at the one girl who ties elastic... don't know if that goes back further to something else) It's really more that I'd like to "fit in".


Sorry to hear about your class issues- my Wednesday class is talkative, but productive- sounds like you are missing productive. I try to not talk, but I don't want to be rude to the girls and completely ignore them either... And we always get pounding hip hop music... sigh

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