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White Tights?


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Hi Forum! My DS and I are looking for some assistance. He will be wearing white tights for the first time in a performance, and is very concerned because he has extremely hairy legs. He said he is willing to shave them for the show, but we were wondering if that's the best route, or if there were any good ideas/helpful hints out there from other parents of guys. He is 16 and will be the Cavalier in our Nutcracker this year - a dream of his since age 9! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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He really shouldn't have a problem. At that age he should have access to some really good, hefty men's tights that will provide great coverage. My DS has never had any problems with hairy legs showing through! Good question, though, especially if he's never worn white.


Hope he has fun with it.

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This link from other parents of boys may be helpful as well:


Performing in white tights

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I am one of those REALLY hairy boys that needed the most opaque tights I could find. Sorry Major Mel, but dark hair under white tights can make the tights look like they were washed in a bucket of mud. Allen Bodywear Adult Men’s Convertible Suspender - was my "go to" brand of white tights. They have the same feel, sheen, and stretch as MStevens... but are more thick and WAY LESS see-thru! They come with a detachable suspender that will come detached while you are performing, so I would suggest sewing those on, or sewing your own elastics on.


When dancing professionally, and the company supplied the white tights, I would "trim" my hair (not shave); honestly, it is less hassle (no ingrown hairs, cuts, or need for multiple razors). You can purchase an electronic shaver at any Walmart, K-Mart, Target, etc. which will have trimming guides - depending on the amount of hair, the hair thickness, and color of the hair... you can trim it down to different lengths that will be seen less under the white tights.

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And when in desperation, there's always -- spray paint! Seriously. Actors who have to do one-night gigs that involve white tights or opera hose frequently use the same spray stuff that is used to whiten head hair on their legs. Since this Cavalier appearance is only for a few performances (right?), there shouldn't be any difficulty about the white getting ground into the skin and being hard to get off. Just shower immediately after every show, and become better acquainted with your loofa!

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Do you mean white body paint, liquid Hair White, or Clown White? These products are available from a stage make-up company like Ben Nye if anyone needs them. :thumbsup:

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Liquid hair white is closest to what I mean. I was thinking primarily of Nestle's Streaks 'N Tips spray-on hair color. Back in the day of the true "ham actor", when they literally used ham grease to remove makeup, actors would use flour, cornstarch or talc to make white hosiery seem whiter, and also to make it slide on more easily. They would also use pipeclay on the outside of the stockings or tights as an opaquer, but try and find that anymore!

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Oops! A poster who is not the parent of a dancing boy wandered here by mistake. Posters may post their own experiences in Cross Talk or in one of the specific forums that are dedicated to the subject. Try the Men's Forum for tights suggestions if you are not a parent. :grinning:

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