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Beginner. 4hours per week.


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I have been reading some posts on the forum, and it souns like it's not good for a person starting ballet to take a lot of classes per week.

The teacher told me i could come 3 times for a total of 4 hours in different goupes. :)

Another queeston was: My muscles never hurt, is that normal? Maybe because i'm already fit from other sports (grasshockey, jogging, ...)

Thanks. Lund


P.S. Sorry for the spelling mistakes.

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Hello, Lund, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :wink:


It sounds as if you are being introduced carefully to ballet, and don't worry about a lack of pain. That's a good thing! Properly taught, ballet may cause a little muscular discomfort from unfamiliar usage, but nothing like actual PAIN! :) Pain is a sign that there's something wrong, and you will learn over time what pains are harmless, and which ones can be a sign of real trouble, but since you aren't having trouble, let's not borrow any. Your beginning level of activity sounds quite reasonable.

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