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Music: Paquita music

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I have not yet heard back from Portland Ballet Youth Company. In the meantime, Ballet Talk member WAballet has come to my rescue and offered to share a file she had of that variation. Thanks, WAballet!

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I just posted a new thread (by accident) on this exact topic - my apologies! I, as well, am need of a clean recording of this music, preferably at the same tempo of the Cynthia Gregory/ABT version. Any direction and help would be much appreciated!


Text from original thread:

Looking for a music recording of Variation 2 from the Cynthia Gregory/ABT "Paquita" - in the YouTube version, it begins around 12:30. Beautiful harp intro, not part of the Minkus score. Can anyone help me with a composer, original ballet it came from, place to track it down?

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We're not so many in the world, but we are more than one. :) After searching for days, I still didn't find a suitable recording, and the youtube videos with clapping are not satisfactory to use in performances.


So, according to "The costume lady", there _is_ a recording. May I borrow it? :) Sorry to make a callback from 3 years ago :)


Thanks in advance!

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Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kevin Galiè, has just recorded this beautiful and very hard to find Girl's Harp Variation from Paquita. It was originally from the ballet "Camargo", but is danced in Paquita, Act II, Scene II, in Anna-Marie Holmes' version.  It is also danced in Don Quixote.  It can be downloaded at cdbaby and is titled: Paquita, Act II, Scene II, 8.4: "Girl's Harp Variation from the Ballet La Camargo"

Here is a link to hear an excerpt or to purchase the download: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/evergreensymphonyorchest3   It is also streamable from all of the usual online sources.

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