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Fast tendus à la derrière


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The warm up in my jazz class is very classical and one of the combinations includes a lot of tendus. Each direction is ended with a slow tendu (4 counts) and 2 fast ones (2 counts each). I find that my tendus à la derrière are very sloppy, and I always lose my balance, especially in the fast ones. It seems as if I just can't do them that fast. I do not have this problem in tendus devant and à la seconde. In ballet class, I do not lose my balance (as I'm holding the barre), but they still look sloppy and a bit odd. What am I doing wrong and how do I solve it?

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Move your weight forward and up on the supporting leg. :)

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Thank you, I tried it, and I found it's mostly the upwards feeling that helps a lot. It's as if it gives my working leg more room and freedom to move thus making it easier to move quickly. I'm looking forward to trying it in my next class.

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