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Another exam result in


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Dd just received her Cecchetti exam results. She received Honours with a mark of 99%. She has just been steaming along since she started full-time this year. Incredibly happy and clearly making very good progress. I'm exceptionally proud of her :shrug:

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Congratulations to your daughter! I don't think there's too many Cecchetti students on this board but probably more than I realize. No small task to earn that. What grade did she complete?

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She did the Intermediate.


She has come from a school with no exams and no competitions into the full-time school where the exams are compulsory and competitions for the senior girls are considered fairly essential for performance experience and exposure. She actually does RAD (three days a week), Cecchetti (once a week) and open classes (plus contemporary and character, variations, pas de deux etc). This year she has done Intermediate RAD (in which she got a distinction with 92%), the Intermediate Cecchetti and has just last weekend done her Advanced 1 RAD, but we won't get those results for some weeks yet. She also did a Cecchetti scholarship class the day after her exam and was joint winner. She will do her Advanced 2 RAD next year in hopes of being eligible for the Genee and will also do her Advanced 1 Cecchetti. She's also doing some other competitions next year and working on variations for these.


A lot of hard work having to learn all the syllabus but she seems to thrive on it and remains ever joyful!

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Congratulations, that's an amazing result. My DD has just turned 18 and she too is studying both RAD Advanced 2 and Cecchetti Advanced 1. She only started the Cecchetti syllabi last year when she started at vocational school, so she is not so far through the exams as in RAD. Both syllabus classes are once a week as optional additions to the vocational training (in UK we tend to say vocational rather than pre pro).


We have tickets for this year's final of the Adeline Genée competition at Sadlers Wells in London this November. Then depending on her Adv 2 exam result and where the competition is being held next year, DD may enter too.

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Doubleturn - sounds like our girls are on a very similar track!


Dd just started RAD Adv2 last month and Cecchetti Adv 1 work this week. Dd's school (Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy) has about eight students entering the Genee this year so keep an eye out for them - they really turn out some lovely young dancers. We also call it 'vocational' in Australia rather than pre-pro.


I'm hoping the Genee will be in Australia again next year (I'm pretty sure dd will be eligible based on her results and feedback this year :)) to save me a few dollars, as dd will also be undertaking a European audition tour only a couple of months later - which is of-course very expensive! It would be lovely to finally meet another BTFD member after all this time posting, but I'm also caring for my Mum who has FTD (a form of dementia) so getting away may not be possible for me. Dd will probably also send a DVD audition for YAGP next year, but she'd have to get some scholarship money or a grant or something for it to be affordable if she were selected. She's managed to get some funding this year and we'll be approaching that more aggressively next year.

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Yes it does sound as if they are on a similar track. I have one of the Tanya Pearson DVDs - her pupils do look beautiful and well trained. I will look out for them in November. Yes I am afraid the Genée may be far away from us next year, so with the audition tour looming we may not be able to stretch that far. Even though we are already based in Europe the costs quickly mount up, and I think we have tough times ahead with the recession. Who knows how many jobs there will be out there.


It must be hard caring for your mum too. My mother is in good health but her younger sister is in a nursing home suffering from Vascular Dementia. Its difficult for everyone.


Good luck to you and your DD. She is obviously doing well.

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