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Ok this may sond like a weird thread, but recently I have been having very bizarre dreams about ballet and dancing in general. Its like I am in a class and I am doing all these things that I find impossible to do now, like perfect grande jetes, and I always end up having a 'stretching' part to the dream , where I can do all these unbelievable stretches, and recently I was doing these amazing back bends and splits.


When I wake up I find it hard to believe that I can't do these things, and think "oh of course I can do a triple pirouette on pointe..can't I?" then I remember that I dreamt it all, and get really disappointed, like I was given a gift only to have it snatched a way:( These dreams have only appeared in the last month, and yet I have been dancing most of my life.


I just wondered if anyone else out there has these kind of dreams or any funny/sad ballet dreams to share with us. I'm not looking for an interpretation, just to get it off my chest so to speak, as they have been really really vivid. Now you all think I'm nuts......


Jeanette xx:confused:

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Not at all, Jeanette! Although I don't like armchair amateur psychology, I can practice it on occasion.;) Dreams are very often problem-solving and/or wish fulfillment done in your sleep. Those sorts of dreams don't really have a down side, because a part of you now knows what a triple pirouette feels like! Now, maybe it will take awhile to convince the rest of the assembly to coöperate, but at least the germ of the solution is there! :)

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When I was a kid, I had never ending pirouette, and flying dreams. Oh how I miss those!

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I have had some ballet/stretching dreams too. (Not recently though.)


I dreamt I had 180 degree turnout from the hip, perfect eloquent arms and head and that I could balance forever in an impossibly high arabesque. :cool: I also could do the splits all three ways, and could rest my hip bones on the floor in the "grand plie in second facing the floor" stretch one of my teachers likes to do before class.


No turning dreams though, perhaps because I can't yet manage a decent single. :)

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Guest sylvia

Well I've had the same one twice now about watching ballet at the Royal Opera House. I'm sitting in the back of the amphitheatre, way, way up, and there are dirty windows in front of my seats which I'm desperately trying to see through but I can't make out the dancing which I know is spectacular. I think it must have to do with me constantly having to crane to see over people's heads (I'm a measly 5'2) and my obsession over the very very bad sightlines in the auditorium. :)

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Okay, this dream had me a little weirded out when I had it. I haven't told anyone, but I feel close to you all ;)


In the dream I was maybe 20 years old, standing in this wonderful old studio; high ceilings, tall windows looking out onto the city. It had great, thick old barres and a nice marley floor. Everyone in class was dressed very traditionally. I was doing my thing at the barre (and actually managing to do pretty well I thought). To my surprise, in walks Rudolph Nureyev -- the young Nureyev. He watches the class, watches me, then singles me out. He decides to take me under his wing. In no time I'm doing these amazing turns and leaps. He's yelling at me with a thick Russian accent but I never took it personal. I knew he was driving me to get the best out of me. He turned me into one hell of a dancer.


Don't know about you all but that was one hell of a dream. I woke up with this great big smile on my face and went out and had a wonderful class. I had just come off this long drought of lackluster classes and was beginning to question my future with dance. A health problem that at times effects my balance was really dragging me down. After this dream, things really snapped back into shape. I had a complete change of attitude and my dancing, especially my turns, improved tremendously. I think Nureyev was in the dream because, one; he was an amazing talent and an inspitation; and two, he himself fought so hard to overcome health issues late in life.


I would love to have this dream again. :)

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psavola, that is like 95% of those dreams, the turning part is just there along with the doing class, but I get those wonderful stretches, and then I try them in the real world, and well...ahemm...it doesn't pan out like that....worst luck, if only it was that easy..


Thanks all for sharing your wonderful. or not so wonderful dreams :)

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I've had several dreams about ballet...


One of them is being able to do all those turns and high arabesques, and high jumps in the air (acrobatics)... It's always fantastic, but in the dream is completely natural, and I'm not amazed that I can do 4 pirouettes and stay there, on top of one pointe :confused: (yeah, right!)


Then, in another one (recurring as well, would love to know the meaning of it!), I am rehearsing for a show that is supposed to be performed the same night, and I'm feeling 'catapulted' in this show... I don't know at all where I'm supposed to be, what I'm supposed to dance, or who I'm supposed to be!! It's really frightening, while I ask all the other dancers "I can't remember where I'm supposed to be!! Can you help?" And of course, most of the time, they do help, but there's never enough time to go through all the steps, and the time approaches and I still don't know my dance!! I'm so frightened and I don't know what I'm supposed to wear (everyone else is annoyed and say to me "oh, come on, get a grip, you're supposed to wear THAT, you know it!") I often wake up just before we're supposed to be on stage, but if I don't, I end up at the front of the stage (!) making up some steps but feeling really awful inside, like everyone knows I'm making it up...


Now, I don't know what it all means, but there's some insecurities being unresolved ;)


I once heard that the flying dream is one of sexual nature... Won't say more, that would be censored!:D

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Guest DancerLegs

I had one of those dreams of incredible, effortless dancing several years ago, when I was trying to find the courage to return to ballet after many years absence and not-so-good childhood dance experiences. That dream was so thrilling that I went right out and signed up for class and haven't looked back since. :D

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Guest happymagill

I have had many dreams of ballet. Most I beleve would be the equivolent of someone having a dream about flying! At least thats what it feels like. That makes a great start to the day. I did have a dream once that my large toe fell off!!!!!!!!!!! that was spooky.

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I have these dreams too -- oh yes, and they are SUCH GOOD DReAMS--


the 13-pirouettes with the perfect spot dream --


the jump that goes up and up and I'm beating and beating and I haven't even started comein down yet dream........ wonderful dreams...


Funny, I'v never had a stretch-dream -- but I AM stretchy, in waking life; I'm not in waking life a good turner -- nor do i beat well (though i CAN jump)......


I didn't start ballet till I was in my 30's (though I've always loved to dance), and i used to have lots of dreams of flying that kind of turned into ballet dreams. I've thought about htis a lot; I wrote an article about it years ago, for I do think that ballet is a systematic theater form based on these prety universal dreams of flying -- and that roller coasters and cartoon s are other genres based on these intuitions about what ideally free movement would be like.......

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Guest beckster

I had a dream last week that I met up with Xena in Chicago and we went to a ballet class together with someone else from this forum (a male, I forget who) who turned out to be about 85 in real life. This is probably because I was going to email her the next day and didn't want to forget. Why on earth we should have been in Chicago, I have no idea! And who was the 85 year old man ...?!


In the ballet class they were making us do steps that actually defied gravity ... I was just standing on the sidelines but Xena was doing all the steps. I bet she didn't know that in my head, she can go from lying flat on the floor to standing up without actually moving her body at all, as though she just pivoted around her feet!

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I am laughing a lot:D that is so hilarious, thanks for sharing it!

Have you not seen my party trick then?...;)

Chicago, hmm haven't been there...yet.


Sweet dreams!


jeanette xx

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Just thought I'd resurrect this thread as recently I had 2 very bizarre ballet dreams ..again. I wish we had a ballet dream interpreter on board

The first one I dreamt I was totally felxible to the extent that I had my right leg held above my head and somehow I still managed to walk around...don't ask how!! I like those dreams though, because in those all stretches are so easy and nice to do.

Then, last night I had this semi-nightmare dream. I am rehearsing the Gizelle peasant pas de deux at the moment, and in my dream I went to rehearsal to practice this. Instead of having the normal music, my teacher put on this really weird music and I couldn't dance to it at all. I was really exasperated and got fed up and complained to my partner (who instead of being a man was a girl in my class) and said 'how can the teacher expect me to dance to this awful music?'. My friend got annoyed at me for not at least trying to do it, and I was just really confused. I think I ended up reaching a compromise. Still when I went to the real rehearsal this morning I was a bit worried. Then my tecaher came to put on the music and she played the wrong music....and I thought I was re-living my nightmare all over again :confused:...quite weird. I bet you all wanted to know about that;)

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It is funny, Xena, you should have had ballet dreams, because I had one too last night. I don't dream of ballet too often. I usually dream about people, if I remember my dreams at all.


In the dream I auditioned and was accepted in the Finnish National Ballet. We had company classes at 9am each morning and when I went to my first one in my usual leotard and tights attire I discovered everybody was wearing something else, and I couldn't keep up with the class at all. Then I discovered we weren't supposed to eat at all during the day, just hurry to the next rehearsal. Pretty much everything went downhill from there. I hated the company pointe shoes, my feet hurt from standing (for some obscure reason dancers weren't allowed to sit during the day), the Wardrobe mixed up my measurements with somebody, and I didn't get a dressing room at all because I was the youngest member of the company. :D


A truly nightmarish work situation. :D



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