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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, SaraM. :) You are in the correct forum, as the Pointe Shoe forum is about the shoes themselves, not classes or even pointe work. :yes:


I wish I could answer your question, but there are just too many variations in terms of when teachers place students on pointe. For instance, most beginners take two classes a week, at the most. You are taking four. This is good. You will learn a lot more in a given length of time, however, it still depends on your physical facility and the quality of the training. We cannot see you or know the training, so, that will totally depend on your teachers. We usually say at least 3 years of training, with at least 3 classes per week by the third year. Since you are doing more than that, it's possible to progress faster, but there is still a lot to master to be ready for pointe work!


Check out this thread for the "Facts of Life About Pointe Work": http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1248

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