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Books: Baryshnikov in Black and White

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A new mostly picture book about Baryshnikov is out -- it's on Amazon :)


Here's the publisher's info (from the Amazon page):


Baryshnikov in Black and White presents, in over 175 photographs, the remarkable breadth of his achievement between the years 1974 and 2000. From his legendary roles in the classic ballets Giselle and Don Quixote, to his work with some of the world's greatest contemporary choreographers, Baryshnikov is shown here in both rehearsal and performance. Captured by the leading dance photographers, his vitality and genius are evident on every page. With an inspired and richly detailed essay by the New Yorker dance critic (and Baryshnikov biographer) Joan Acocella, a complete chronology of his roles, and extensive annotated captions, Baryshnikov in Black and White is the definitive book on his remarkable career in the West.



I believe that Robert Greskovic also worked on the "extensive annotated captions."


I haven't seen this one yet, but it certainly seems like an important book -- and an enjoyable one. Has anyone here read it?

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Guest Paquita

I saw it at the bookstore Indigo. It's very expensive, but there are some incredible photos. It goes through every year of his career, from his defection up to his performances with the White Oaks Dance Project. It's a quite thick, hardcover book, and of course, should be on the coffee table of every Baryshnikov fan!

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I'm really just bumping this up to the top. I don't have it yet, but have leafed through it in my locak bookstore and the photographs are fantastic.


Has anyone else seen/read it?

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Guest Yvonne

I've seen it too.....yes, some great pictures. I was quite dissapointed and suprised that there were no pictures of him dancing with Gelsey Kirkland (many of his other partners were shown, but no Kirkland.):)

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