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I wanted to help my DD (8) set up a dance journal. . in which she would write about dancing, her reactions to classes and experiences, and keep a log of corrections. Any suggestions about how to set this up? Anybody doing this? My DD loves to write and in fact was in the basement the other day putting together some combination and asked me, "How do you spell sous sous?" -- Hope that's right. . .

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This was actually required of my daughter's ballet class as they moved into their first year of pre-pointe and then pointe at the end of the year (ages 10-13), so they are a little older than your 8 year old. But I can't imagine that it's too early to start. In fact, the teacher would periodically ask to see their journal entries in class. All my daughter did was get a small, pink (of course) journal and pen from Borders. she journals before and after class, as well as during class breaks (change into pre-pointe/pointe shoes). The teacher would ask them to take out their journals to write things down during class. She also gave them a ballet handout of terms and expected them to know correct spellings and meanings. She later tested them at the end of the year (yes, a written test). But they know how to spell the terms. I think it's a great thing. My daughter loves this and continues to journal feelings, combinations, new terms and phrases. Some of the older dancers in the upper levels and in the trainee program also do this. Good luck!

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Writing here because I am a parent of a dancer under 13, but I am also a teacher.


I taught for a pre pro school that required a journal to keep corrections and combinations. This was for students 12ish and older. It is a great tool for them in so many ways. It helps to reinforce academic learning and the cerebral learning of a physical art.


I am with a school where it is not a requirement per se, but a strong suggestion. I do require them to purchase the ballet dictionary by Grant and highly suggestion a notebook to write new steps and definitions in. We have periodic quizzes. I must note that I stress to the children that these are NOT graded, they are only used to broaden their knowledge in so many different ways. I say this because I had a young girl who HATED to write and read aloud. She would become embarrassed about her writing/spelling, and literally shake when asked to read her answer. We worked really hard on her being comfortable with whatever her answer was and if it wasn't correct, how to fix it. The best part of all was when her mom told me she started seeing a difference in her academic learning and public speaking from all the suggestions we had during class. :thumbsup:


As a parent of a 10 year old (who is also in my class :blink::blush: ), I do not give the requirement to keep a journal at this level. There is so much for us to work on in class I simply do not have time to allow them to write in their journal. Yes, it does take time for me to write the word on the board, spell it 8 million times aloud as they write it out ( :shrug: ). The requirement of a journal comes at the next level.


I would suggest buying the dictionary. Have her date each entry. Have her write the combinations. Have her write the corrections given through the combinations. Have her write any new steps AND the execution of the step.


p.s., Sous-sus with an alternate spelling of sus-sous (literal meaning: over under, or under over)

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