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No classes?!?


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I have a bit of a problem finding classes for December January. I only started ballet about 3 months ago, but I have been overseas volunteering overseas for the past month, and wil be doing so until the beginning of december. When I get home to Australia, it is heading toward christmas, and I can't find many classes that span over the December January period, which means i won't have regular ballet lessons for 4 months, which given I have only done 2 months of class is going to put me back where I started.

Does anyone have any tips about practicing in holidays, or know of any adult ballet classes in Sydney that might run over December-January?

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My only suggestion is to perhaps use one of Finis's dvd's at home, but with only two months of training you may find yourself getting confused and I can tell you from experience that it is SOOO much harder to unlearn things.


What about using the time to work on your flexibility and or strength and or balance? I know that my goals for the December holidays are going to be to work on flexibility (I am very stiff) and my pointe work oh and of course my ongoing work on my batterie.

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Hi intothefire! I agree that being unable to take class can be an obstacle, especially around holidays when you need/want something active and "normal" to do while dealing with the onslaught of holiday events :pinch: I'm with balletlove in that I often use the Finish Jhung DVDs to stay in the groove when I have to, but I also agree that as a true beginner, it's best to work on things other than technique (it takes sooooo much more work to both unlearn a bad habit AND learn a good one rather than to just learn it right from the start!).


I recommend Pilates classes and yoga for good dance-friendly strength and flexibility, which will be very helpful for getting back to regular technique classes. Personally, I do not enjoy yoga except for a type called yin yoga, which involves lots and lots of stretches, especially for the lower back/pelvis/hips/hamstrings --perfect for dancers :thumbsup: The stretches are held for long periods of time, which I thought would be "boring" but it feels soooo good and helps you discover more about your body and find new levels of flexibility. I am now a fan and glad I gave it try despite my general dislike for other types of yoga. If you can find a class to go to, it's a great option (internet searchers usually turn up something whenever I travel or visit a new place).


Best of luck! :rolleyes:

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